Helping you handle those difficult times

Helping you, be you

In Hand is about the here and now. The app allows you to focus yourself in a moment of stress or low mood. Once the app knows how you are feeling it will take you through simple steps to help you, be you. These activities include talking to someone, reading inspirational quotes and taking pictures.

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Our Story

Anxiety and stress management Mobile App
Be creative and bring balance to your life
Bringing balance to those stressful moments
iPhone and Android App to help anxiety and stress

Our Story:
Co-creating In Hand

This app has been made by a team of people passionate about technology and destigmatising mental health. We have worked together for nearly a year to create an app that promotes awareness of mental well being and could help you in a moment of anxiety or low mood.

Please watch our short documentary below to see how we made In Hand.

In Hand Mobile App helps bring balance to our daily stresses and anxieties


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